We are a family owned Mom & Pop christian apparel shop located in Michigan we sell embroidered & printed products that have a biblical message. 


Our goal as a company brand is to design & make products to sell that will minister to people in & outside the church, We strive to follow the biblical teachings in our lives as well as in our business practices.

We have a heart for the lost & we hope & pray that many of the products we sell will reach the lost with the gospel of JESUS CHRIST.

We are committed in only designing & making products that will align with the BIBLE & the teachings of JESUS CHRIST . We will sell our products to any one who wishes to buy them but as christians we will not make or design anything including products or services  that will  go against compromise our beliefs in the BIBLE & its teachings.


We also believe in taking the 1st fruits of our labour from the sales we receive at OLDPROPHET.COM & using it to help in supporting ministries that we believe are doing GODS work on earth & spreading the gospel of JESUS CHRIST & will continue to do so lord willing

I hope & pray we can deliver a service & product that you our customer will be proud of & will share with others

Thanks for checking out this page

In Christ 

Old Prophet